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How are the Benefits and Challenges of the Cloud Evolving?

As the cloud continues to mature, organizations are also increasing their sophistication in terms of how they leverage the cloud. A survey by Osterman Research corroborates what Storage Switzerland is hearing from end users – where previously the cloud was

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MeetTheCEO: Cloud Daddy’s Spencer Kupferman

As businesses migrate more of their data and applications to the cloud, a more comprehensive and mature disaster recovery implementation is required. Cloud service providers have built a base layer of data protection capabilities that focus primarily on enabling recovery

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MeetTheCEO: HotLink’s Lynn LeBlanc

Backups cannot be assumed to be safe today, against an emergence of more sophisticated malware. These new variants were designed to be discrete, often sitting idle and being copied across the backup repository to then attack slowly – all with

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How to Make One Thousand Snapshots Useful

Almost every modern storage system claims to support “thousands” of snapshots of production data without impacting performance. While some of the lack of performance impact claims have proven to be suspect, there is little doubt that today’s storage solutions support

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Reducing the Cost of Scaling Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions start innocently enough. The organization starts with two or three nodes and initially it handles all their compute, and storage needs quite well. As the environment scales because of the growth of the initial workloads or

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The State of Server Virtualization: Summer 2019

The “software-defined data center” (SDDC) is hailed by many as the data center architecture of the future – promising to bring new levels of hardware utilization and a simplified, public cloud-like user experience on-premises. Previously, Storage Switzerland detailed the key

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MeetTheCEO: Promethium’s Kaycee Lai

Kaycee Lai will appeared on Storage Switzerland’s Meet The CEO series of webinars. Lai and Promethium have a unique vantage point into the key bottleneck that is greatly slowing down the time it takes to arrive at data-driven business intelligence:

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Worried About Meeting Disaster Recovery SLAs? Consider These Capabilities

Data protection infrastructures face tremendous pressure. Copy data is growing even faster than production data as businesses create copies to support analytics, test and development, and other important initiatives. Copy data also needs to be retained for longer periods of

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The State of Fibre Channel

Potentially the only technology pronounced dead more often than Fibre Channel is tape, yet both are alive and well. In 2018, the Fibre Channel (FC) market saw a return to growth. According to Dell’Oro Group, FC SAN port shipments were

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Has NVMe Really Reached Price Parity with SAS?

Several NVMe flash vendors are claiming that NVMe Flash has reached price parity with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) based flash. The claim is true or pretty close to true in most situations. Vendors are selling their NVMe flash drives for

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