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How to Get On-Premises NAS Performance with Cloud Storage

Unstructured data is a big problem for IT professionals. They have to wrestle with serving, storing, protecting and retaining all the information within that unstructured data set. Legacy NAS solutions simply can’t keep up. Cloud storage seems like an ideal

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ChalkTalk Video: Unstructured Data Protection Needs a New Architecture

Unstructured data has changed dramatically over the past decade. It is not only bigger in terms of capacity, it’s also bigger in terms of quantity, there are just more files to deal with than ever. On top of the increase

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The Requirements for Modern Unstructured Data Protection

Unstructured data presents two challenges that organizations need to deal with; the sheer volume of data and the quantity of files in the data sets. Storing this data is a problem in and of itself, but protecting it is an

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Why Do Point Products Break Backup

One of the most alarming trends in data protection is the number of different solutions data centers are deploying and managing so they can keep up with the organization’s recovery expectations and budget realities. The demands for rapid recovery are

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ChalkTalk Video: What’s Your Unstructured Data Protection Strategy

The capacity requirements of unstructured data continue to grow at an alarming rate and the rate of growth is only going to get worse. Storing is problem enough but protecting unstructured data is creating a new challenge that most data

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SlideShare: Enterprise Cloud Migration – 4 Problems to Solve

The biggest challenge any enterprise has to get over when migrating workloads to the cloud is SCALE! Large organizations have massive amounts of data; thousands of virtual machines and hundreds of terabytes of data. With this level of scale, migration

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Live Webinar: Overcoming the Five Distributed Data Protection Challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing IT today is how to effectively protect data distributed between offices and across clouds. Companies with remote and branch locations, and newly merged organizations are all at risk of losing their critical data or

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