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Is it Time to De-Tape Your Archive?

Enterprises want more value from their archived data assets but tape doesn’t really enable the real-time archive that organizations need. The challenges is that any enterprise in existence for 10 years or longer more than likely has terabytes, even petabytes,

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SlideShare: Storage Refresh? 3 Capabilities Primary Storage Must Have (but probably doesn’t)

If your organization is embarking on a refresh of your primary storage system this year, this is the one webinar that you will want to attend. IT evaluators that haven’t looked at storage in a few years will be impressed

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Moving from Cloud Archive to Cloud Preservation – CloudLanes Briefing Note

The cloud is an ideal storage area for the 90 percent of an organization’s data that is not active. Moving this data to the cloud frees up on-premises storage requirements as well as data center floor space. The problem is

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What is a Consistency Group?

Understanding consistency groups is essential to having a properly functioning disaster recovery process. They speak to the reality that it is not possible to recover everything at the same time. Creating recovery groups makes a recovery from a disaster much

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StorageShort: Are All-Flash Arrays Really the same Price as Hard Disk Arrays?

A claim that many all-flash vendors are making is they reached price parity with hard disk based arrays. If that is true, then organizations would be crazy to buy any storage system with a hard disk in it. But it

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Realizing the Promise of HSM – Komprise Briefing Note

Organizations have always struggled with the cost and complexity of maintaining sufficient storage for all their data. Instead of getting better, the problem just gets worse. Those of us who have been in IT for longer than a decade probably

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