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Software Defining Secondary Storage – Quest QoreStor Briefing Note

Secondary storage systems primarily store backup and archive data. These systems often store ten to twenty times the capacity of primary storage systems. Vendors realize the opportunity and are now flooding into the market. Most of the solutions are turnkey

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What is a Multi-Cloud Data Controller?

Multi-Cloud is real, most organizations have multiple cloud relationships and plan on maintaining them. Even AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in a recent Wall Street Journal Interview, “There will not be only one cloud…but rather a handful of large cloud

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A Step-by-Step Path to Full Cloud Utilization

The Use Cases for a Cloud Data Fabric The cloud data fabric (CDF) allows organizations without a cloud pedigree to take full advantage of cloud storage and compute resources. The CDF also enables the organization to move to the cloud

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Using the Cloud Data Fabric for Migrating Applications to the Cloud

A key component of most organization’s cloud strategy is migrating applications to a cloud provider to reduce dependence on on-premises infrastructure. The organization may want to host the application entirely in the cloud, use the cloud as a failover point

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Using the Cloud Data Fabric for Data Protection

Most organizations use data protection as their first step into the cloud. Unfortunately, that first step, like many first steps, often results in a stumble. If organizations don’t create a cloud data fabric first, they often use an extension to

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