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Understanding the Problem of Unification in Most Software-Defined Storage Solutions

The promise of software-defined storage (SDS) aims to unify all of your organization’s storage assets through a single user interface. But that interface is supposed to do more than provide a single pane of glass for monitoring. It is also

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What to do if Ransomware Strikes a Physical System

With ransomware, unlike almost any other form of disaster, there is an alternative to recovering from backups…pay the ransom. While one can argue the risk associated with paying a ransom, the organization may see it as a viable option. IT

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Can You Actively Protect Against Ransomware? – Acronis Backup 12.5 Briefing Note

It is possible to identify and stop ransomware in its tracks. It’s also possible to recover from the damage that ransomware attacks cause. It requires a multi-level approach using intrusion detection systems, ransomware detection systems, and a backup and recovery

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The Storage Requirements for 100% Virtualization

After a rapid move from test to production, virtualization of existing servers in many companies seems to slow down. While it is true that most data centers have adopted a virtualize first philosophy, getting those older, mission critical workloads virtualized

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Storage Q&A: How to improve Bare Metal Server performance

When people have issues with performance on a server, the first thing they think about is adding flash to that server for tiering or caching. It’s a logical first step. For most companies these servers are hosting their VMware environment,

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