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Weekly Storage Podcast: Storage Industry Quarterly Reports

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. That’s the best way to describe the latest round of quarterly reports coming from businesses in the Storage Industry. Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump, Senior Analyst Joseph Ortiz and Charlie Hodges discuss the

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Briefing Note: FlashSoft Server-side Caching expands Platform Support and adds Hardware Bundles

Server-side caching solutions are supposed to be simple – install it and forget it and everything runs faster. But this simplicity depends on platform compatibility, which can be a problem for many companies that have multiple versions of the major

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A new kind of company – SanDisk and Fusion-io

The news this week that SanDisk is buying Fusion-io for over $1 Billion dollars is something to pay attention to. If the acquisition goes through, SanDisk becomes a formidable competitor to a wide variety of companies in the storage and

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Storage Q&A: How to improve Bare Metal Server performance

When people have issues with performance on a server, the first thing they think about is adding flash to that server for tiering or caching. It’s a logical first step. For most companies these servers are hosting their VMware environment,

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10 Reasons that Flash Belongs in the Server

Watch the On Demand Webinar “New Use Cases For Server Side Flash” Maintaining storage performance is something IT has to do and there are a lot of ways to do it. Some are easy, some are complicated, some are affordable,

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What’s causing your virtualization problem?

– hint: your non-virtualized servers Watch Our Webinar on Demand “New Use Cases For Server Side Flash“ We all know about the challenges with server virtualization. The highly random workloads that hypervisors create can cause fits for the shared storage

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New Use Cases For Server Side Flash

Watch Our On Demand Webinar “New Use Cases For Server-Side Flash” – Cache is not just for virtualization anymore (actually it never was) Server and Desktop virtualization capture a lot of attention from storage vendors these days, especially Flash or

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Video – What Type of Caching is Best?

We examine that question in this video. Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump talks to SanDisk Engineering Fellow Serge Shats about the different types of caching, the potential risks involved and how to reduce those risks. For more information see

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Three Write Caching Considerations

Caching is a popular first step when data centers want to leverage high performance flash storage. It eases the transition from traditional disk storage by automatically moving frequently accessed data to the high performance pool. Most cache technologies that have

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Overcoming The Flash Storage Latency Challenge

The removal of latency is a critical part to delivering more fully on the flash performance promise. No matter how fast the flash technology becomes, the latency of its connection to the CPU is a key stumbling block in achieving

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