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Customizable and More Efficient Computational Storage

ScaleFlux Briefing Note Data-driven, processing-intensive workloads like database processing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and content delivery networks (CDN) require new levels of storage performance, which today is coming to mean deployment on a non-volatile memory express (NVMe)

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Affordable Storage doesn’t have to mean Commodity Storage

The cloud is disrupting the storage market and not just by offering ‘cold storage’ for tier-3 data. Cloud-scale, ‘commodity’ infrastructures have made companies reconsider how much they need to pay for their tier-1 storage as well. Other companies are building

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Cloud-scale Object Storage – where do you store the cloud itself?

“The Cloud”, a ubiquitous term for near limitless storage and compute capacity, may seem like a fantasy to users but the infrastructure challenges it brings are very real indeed. Just ask the ‘hyper-scale’ companies that have developed their own systems

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A new kind of company – SanDisk and Fusion-io

The news this week that SanDisk is buying Fusion-io for over $1 Billion dollars is something to pay attention to. If the acquisition goes through, SanDisk becomes a formidable competitor to a wide variety of companies in the storage and

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Is Real-time Tiering the Next Big Thing in Storage?

Dot Hill is a storage array manufacturer that’s built a name for itself primarily in the OEM world. They’ve been manufacturing mid-range storage arrays for over 25 years, currently supporting HP, Lenovo, Stratus, Quantum and a number of other vendors,

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