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A Big Data Center without White Boxes – Storage in the Large Financial Enterprise

Google, FaceBook and many of the largest web-scale companies have made the use of commodity, ‘white box’ storage systems seem like the standard practice for large enterprises. Not so. Storage Switzerland recently spoke with a global financial institution about how

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Instant Deduplication and Compression for Tier-1 Storage

Tier-1 vendors are falling behind startups in offering a complete data efficiency solution. As we discussed the reasons why they are so far behind in our recent article, “The Tier-1 Storage vendor Deduplication and Compression challenge“, integrating a new technology

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The Tier-1 Storage vendor Deduplication and Compression challenge

Data centers are ready for increased data efficiency that they can get from primary storage deduplication and compression, especially for flash based storage systems. The cost of flash justifies these data reduction technologies and flash’s high performance actually enables their

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Affordable Storage doesn’t have to mean Commodity Storage

The cloud is disrupting the storage market and not just by offering ‘cold storage’ for tier-3 data. Cloud-scale, ‘commodity’ infrastructures have made companies reconsider how much they need to pay for their tier-1 storage as well. Other companies are building

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