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ChalkTalk Video: Making 3D TLC NAND Ready for the Enterprise

3D TLC NAND promises to bring new levels of density to flash storage and with it new record low price points. The effective dollar per GB of a 3D TLC All-Flash Array could make hybrid arrays obsolete. The challenge is

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The Top 3 Deduplication Trends

When combined with compression and thin provisioning, deduplication makes a backup disk a cost effective strategy and now makes considering a primary storage tier consisting only of flash reasonable. In our on demand webinar Permabit CEO, Tom Cook and I

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Flash Strategies for MS-SQL

Applications based on Microsoft SQL (MS-SQL) seem like obvious candidates for some type of flash performance boost. The high IOPS and low latency of flash storage is almost a perfect match for the high transaction MS-SQL environments. While almost any

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Briefing Note: Kaminario Delivers Encryption, Poised for 2015 Growth

Kaminario K2 Flash Arrays have traditionally appealed to the high performance demands of the data center. Their systems, for example, seem to be consistently near the top of SPC1 and SPC2 benchmarks; and don’t forget that their first storage systems

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StorageShort: Performance of a Cache Miss

One of the most common questions we get asked by customers considering a hybrid arrays is “What is my performance going to look like if there is a cache miss and data has to come from the hard drive tier”.

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SlideShare – How to make a Hybrid Array perform like an All-Flash Array

One of the toughest decisions IT professionals face when selecting a new storage system is deciding between an All-Flash Array and a Hybrid Array. Do you go with the predictable high performance of the all-flash architecture or the attractive price

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Deduplication makes Hybrid Arrays more predictable

Hybrid arrays, arrays that mix flash and hard drives in order to strike a balance between dollar per GB and dollar per IOP, typically cause one common point of concern for IT planners; Predictably. One of the key ways to

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SlideShare – Is The All-Flash Data Center Myth or Reality?

In this webinar experts from Storage Switzerland and Tegile discuss if the All-Flash Data Center can become reality. We explore the return on investment that All-Flash systems can deliver, like increased user and virtual machine densities, lower drive counts and

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Tegile Provides More Flash Options

Tegile recently announced two new members of its product family and an update to its software that promises to get more data centers taking their first significant flash step. This announcement addresses two challenges head-on that Storage Switzerland sees facing

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Solving the concerns of NOT going All-Flash – Podcast

Storage Switzerland and Tegile teamed up for a webinar on the four things you can do to a Hybrid Array to achieve All-Flash performance. Joining me in the podcast talk about webinar attendee concerns about a hybrid flash are George Crump

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