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Product Analysis: Data Center Systems’ Structured Connectivity keeps the Agile Data Center Agile

Fiber Cables

Often overlooked, the cabling infrastructure is the circulatory system of the data center. An organization can invest in the most powerful servers, the fastest storage and the most advanced switches, but if data cannot flow smoothly between them these investments

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Storage Controllers Active-Active vs. Active-Passive

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The storage controller is the compute part of a storage array that runs the storage software. If the storage controller fails, the storage software can’t run and the array goes offline. As a result, redundant storage controllers are critical to

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Is it Time to Kill the Solid-State Arrays Magic Quadrant

3D man dead crime scene

Gartner recently released its 2015 Magic Quadrants for General-Purpose Disk Arrays and another one for Solid-State Arrays. Over the next few weeks we will provide our analysis of these two charts, but first we need to discuss why there are

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Briefing Note: What to do if you can’t afford an All-Flash Array

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The concept of an all-flash data center is very appealing, but for many data centers an upgrade to even a hybrid array is outside of their budget. Also, implementing a new all-flash array or even a hybrid array has more

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Briefing Note: Software can now Define the SSD


Briefing Note – OCZ Announces Host Managed SSDs Software Defined Storage (SDS) is becoming the prevailing way to deliver storage solutions. Whether it is customers trying to implement a software-only solution to manage disparate hardware or a storage system vendor

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Real-time Hybrid Arrays – The Next Generation of Cost-Effective High Performance

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Product Analysis of AssuredSAN 4000 with RealStor The world has changed for IT. Social media, the internet of things, the proliferation of mobile devices, etc, are creating the challenge of real-time computing. Processing power has become plentiful and virtualization has

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Server Side Flash in a Shared Flash World

Tech support concept.Isolated on white background.3d rendered.

Server side flash, in its various forms, served as a precursor to shared flash arrays. It allowed IT planners to surgically address specific application response time issues caused by storage without having to implement a flash based array. This saved

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