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The State of Enterprise Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is typically known for its seemingly infinite capacity and low upfront costs. It also is operationally more economical since the organization does not need to house all the gear in its data center. The outsourcing of the hardware

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Creating a Data Center Compatible Cloud – Elastifile Briefing Note

Organizations spend months creating a “cloud strategy,” and then spend many more months attempting to execute that strategy, sometimes to successful completion but many times the project is abandoned. There are a multitude of problems when transitioning applications to the

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What is IO Acceleration? – JetStream Software Briefing Note

Flash’s first deployment in the data center was often as a cache implementation. A cache is a staging area that holds a small amount of the most recently accessed data. Caching software enables active data to be accessed from flash

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The Cost Savings of Using The Cloud as Primary VMware Storage

The cloud is a vast resource of compute and storage, all available on-demand as the organization needs it. Using cloud storage as VMware primary storage with compute remaining on-premises opens up many possibilities. In our last column we discussed how

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How to Use The Cloud as VMware Primary Storage

Cloud storage offers data centers almost limitless capacity and they can purchase that capacity as they need it. But to this point, most use cases for the cloud have been as a secondary storage target, a place to store archives

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Is There A Safe Place for Prosumer Data? – Morro Briefing Note

Prosumers and small businesses sometimes create significant amounts of data that are the lifeblood of their business. Examples include (but certainly aren’t limited to) photographers, videographers, healthcare clinics, as well as architecture and CAD design firms. Even hobbyists in these

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Why Doesn’t Amazon Protect Your Data?

Amazon and its competitors could do more to protect the data stored in their object storage and block storage, and I can’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t. I have an idea on how they could make a lot

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Where Is The Copy of Record in a File Sync & Share Service? – CTERA Product Spotlight

When assessing Enterprise File Sync and Share services (EFSS), it’s essential to understand the concept of the copy of record. What is the “copy of record?” The term is borrowed from the legal world, and it refers to the original

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Integration Primary and Secondary Storage – Reduxio Briefing Note

In most data centers, there are two distinct types of storage. Primary storage to respond to the needs of performance demanding applications and secondary storage to maintain a backup and provide secondary copies of the primary storage. These two tiers

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