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Do Cloud Caching Appliances need Backup?

The 3d guy and a cloud data

One way organizations can quickly leverage the cloud is through the use of a caching appliance or gateway. These solutions cache data locally so when users access active data they don’t deal with internet latency. When data is created or

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Webinar: Making Your Way Through The Storage Virtualization Maze

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Shared storage has new life thanks to virtualization. Features like virtual machine migration essentially requires a shared storage array to work. Shared storage, however, also brings a fair amount of complexity and the dreaded I/O blender. Suddenly storage arrays are

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Primary Storage’s Missing Cloud Link

broken cloud

Panzura Delivers Panzura Inside As the time comes to upgrade the storage infrastructure, organizations typically consider two options; an all-flash array or a hyperconverged architecture. While both designs solve many of the challenges data centers face, both are missing a

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Remote IT is Moving to the Top of the IT Whiteboard

businessman drawing color business strategy on wall

Riverbed Briefing Note Most of the focus in the enterprise is on the data center, but in reality most of the action is in the remote office/branch office (ROBO). ROBO is the new normal for most organizations. It allows them

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Accelerating Reads and Writes with PernixData


Everyone acknowledges that flash storage is faster than spinning disk, and most acknowledge that the closer to the CPU this storage is, the more it accelerates I/O performance. In addition, everyone agrees that the only thing currently faster than flash

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Hyperconverged Flash – Scaling


Scale Computing Briefing Note There are generally three ways one can use flash in a storage system. From a data management perspective, the all-flash array is the easy approach as one does not need to decide what will go on

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Reverse your Cloud Strategy

cloud computing 3d  render

Organizations of all sizes are trying to develop a cloud strategy, both in terms of applications and storage. Most of these organizations are finding that the promised cost savings of the cloud are not as great as they had hoped,

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