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A Step-by-Step Path to Full Cloud Utilization

The Use Cases for a Cloud Data Fabric The cloud data fabric (CDF) allows organizations without a cloud pedigree to take full advantage of cloud storage and compute resources. The CDF also enables the organization to move to the cloud

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Using the Cloud Data Fabric for Migrating Applications to the Cloud

A key component of most organization’s cloud strategy is migrating applications to a cloud provider to reduce dependence on on-premises infrastructure. The organization may want to host the application entirely in the cloud, use the cloud as a failover point

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Making Multi-Cloud a Reality – SwiftStack Briefing Note

Once an organization migrates data to and reaps the benefits of using the cloud, they often want more. Multi-cloud is the number one request of organizations initiating or expanding their cloud presence. These organizations want to move applications between on-premises

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Storage for Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a machine learning method that uses algorithms to determine a predictable behavior by analyzing seemingly disparate types of data. Use cases include fraud prevention, image classification, speech recognition, and countless others. To deliver a frictionless interaction with

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How to Move YOUR Cloud To THE Cloud?

Many IT professionals consider their VMware infrastructure to be a private cloud. While not true self-provisioning, it provisions compute and storage resources much faster than in the past. Public cloud providers like Amazon and Azure have almost unlimited quantities of

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A Hybrid Cloud is not Two Clouds

VMware starts the organization on the journey to the software defined data center. With their workloads freed from the bounds of physical hardware they look for ways to take advantage of the newfound application mobility. Destinations under consideration include both

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The Security Advantage of Cloud Bursting

The result of a poll in our latest webinar, “How to Quickly Shift Big Data Processing to the Cloud“, indicates security remains a concern of organizations looking at leveraging the cloud. In the poll, 46% of respondents chose security as

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