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Briefing Note – SUSE Enterprise SDS Version 3

This past January, Storage Switzerland provided its analysis of SUSE Enterprise Storage 2, a hardened version of Ceph designed to address enterprise concerns over the open software defined storage solution. That release saw SUSE add capabilities like heterogeneous OS access

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What are Cloud File Services?

Most IT professionals think of cloud storage as storage at the end of an internet connection that, because of the inherent latency, is for data that doesn’t need instant access. As a result, IT uses it mostly for backup, archive

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Cloud in a Box – The On-site Cloud

While many companies are still developing their cloud strategy, others have jumped in with both feet and have moved most of their unstructured data to the cloud. These are organizations in the media and entertainment, online application provider, scientific processing

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Selecting the Right OpenStack Storage Module

OpenStack is a set of tools for building and managing computing platforms for cloud data centers. Public cloud providers have widely adopted OpenStack, and now the toolset is working its way into the enterprise in the form of private clouds.

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The Elephant in the Data Center

Briefing Note: Introducing infinite io There is little argument among IT professionals that at least 80% of data is never accessed again after creation. In fact, Storage Switzerland finds that three months after a one week creation-edit cycle as much

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StorageSwiss sits down with MLB Network’s Asset Management group

Case Study – Major League Baseball’s 24/7 Cable TV Network Pushes IT to Extremes Major League Baseball (MLB) has been around since 1869. The first televised game was in 1939 and 70 years later, MLB Network was launched on January

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