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Meet The CEO of ExaGrid

In a very crowded data backup market, ExaGrid has stood the test of time and is one of the premier backup storage solutions on the market. Unlike many of its competitors, ExaGrid’s appliances can work with over 25 backup applications,

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Overcoming Backup Appliance Conventional Wisdom – ExaGrid Briefing Note

There are two key assumptions when it comes to purpose-built backup appliances. First, they must have inline deduplication and second, they will all be replaced by backup software solutions as they add deduplication functionality to their software and start selling

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The Impact of Big Backup on Disk Backup Appliances with Data Deduplication

Thanks to data efficiency, disk is the primary backup target in most data centers. However, with backup, weeks, months and years of retention are kept and therefore the cost of straight disk is untenable. However, with data deduplication, which compares

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Disk Backup Appliances with Data Deduplication Need to Keep Pace

ExaGrid Briefing Note The performance and capacity capabilities of production storage are increasing to meet the demands of the virtualized data center. These systems can now scale to support highly dense virtual machine populations and the never-ending demand for more

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Recovering from a Storage System Failure

The Bad Day Begins A message arrives on your smart phone indicating that the organization’s primary storage system is offline. All the applications that you were counting on it are down, and users can’t get their work done. Further investigation determines that this

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SlideShare: Making the Always-On Data Center a Reality

Even though users and application owners are demanding it, the Always-On Data Center seems unrealistic to most IT professionals. Overcoming the cost and complexity of an Always-On environment while delivering consistent results is almost too much to ask. But the

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StorageShort: Fast Recovery Point Objectives with Change Block Backup and In-place Recovery

Meeting a strict recovery point and recovery time objective requires more frequent backups and the ability to recover without transferring data. In this 74 second video we tell you how to meet strict RPO/RTOs. For more details watch our on-demand

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Podcast – Biggest Recovery Nightmare: Storage System Failure or Total Data Center

The worst case recovery scenario is failure of your storage system, not destruction of the data center. If your data center is destroyed, you can at least point to where it used to be and most users will understand the

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Beat a 4 Hour RPO-RTO Without Breaking the Bank

The Recovery Gap Storage Switzerland’s latest webinar, now available on demand, discussed ways that IT professionals could create the “Always-on Data Center”. In that webinar we asked a polling question that had surprising results. Over 89% of the attendees could

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Overcoming the Biggest Roadblock to the Always-On Data Center

Believing in the Always-On Data Center One of the topics in our on demand webinar, “Making The Always-On Data Center A Reality”, is overcoming the roadblocks to the Always-On Data Center. In this webinar experts from Storage Switzerland, Veeam and

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