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The Turnkey Private Cloud

ZeroStack Briefing Note It is hard to argue with the flexibility of Amazon Web Services and similar offerings. With just a few mouse clicks or API calls, customers can have a completely operational database or web server ready for development

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Podcast – Biggest Recovery Nightmare: Storage System Failure or Total Data Center

The worst case recovery scenario is failure of your storage system, not destruction of the data center. If your data center is destroyed, you can at least point to where it used to be and most users will understand the

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What is your biggest backup challenge? – Podcast

Storage Switzerland’s webinars produce interesting results from the poll questions we ask. For example we asked “what is your biggest backup challenge” during a webinar with Scott Baker, Director of Enterprise Data Protection from HP and Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump.

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Understanding the Oracle Data Protection Gap

For many, snapshots are the go to data protection method for protecting Oracle databases. They can provide efficient, rapid protection from database corruption with high data integrity. But snapshot data protection has its limitations. First, snapshot copies can become corrupted

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