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Data Protection is the Key to Hyperconverged Adoption – HYCU Briefing Note

Most HCI systems are first purchased to be the platform for a specific greenfield project within an already busy data center. The goal is to expand HCI use as new projects come online or old ones are ready for IT

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Overcoming Backup Appliance Conventional Wisdom – ExaGrid Briefing Note

There are two key assumptions when it comes to purpose-built backup appliances. First, they must have inline deduplication and second, they will all be replaced by backup software solutions as they add deduplication functionality to their software and start selling

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ChalkTalk Video: Improving Time to Value for Enterprise Big Data Analytics

George Crump of Storage Switzerland, and Fred Oh from Hitachi Data Systems explain how to reduce time and avoid complexity of do-it-yourself analytics projects with the Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform (HSP). Purpose-built by HDS for fast-growing data analytics workloads, HSP

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Briefing Note: RiverMeadow’s Cloud Mobility Platform Automates Cloud Migration Process

As cloud adoption grows in corporate data centers, companies are migrating existing workloads into the cloud, a complex, manual process that can take several hours for each server. This may be OK if you’ve moving a dozen or so, but

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Briefing Note: NexGen Focuses on Business Value of Data – and a Smarter Cache

Recent research by IDC predicts that IT professionals will be managing 4-5 times more data per person by 2020, but only 5% of that data will be important. So while a lot of data is being created, it’s not all

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Briefing Note: Violin Memory ushers in the Flash Storage Platform

Even though memory has always played a role in the storage infrastructure, the introduction of flash based storage has lead to rapid advancements in the evolution of storage. Today flash use has evolved from simply augmenting disk-based primary storage (hybrid

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Cloud Backups – Purpose Built vs. Public Cloud

Leveraging the cloud as part of the data protection process is increasing in popularity, and with that popularity come a lot of options for IT planners to sift through. One area of consideration is the cloud destination. There is a

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