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Dealing With Storage Scale in Docker Environments – Project Longhorn Briefing Note

Scale-out storage provides data centers the ability to create infrastructures that can scale to meet the capacity demands of hyper-scale environments. Flash provides data centers the ability to meet the performance demands of the hyper-scale environments. The missing link is

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Programmable Storage Without The Programming

As data centers scale, the ability to automate routine tasks enables this growth to occur without requiring additional staff. The problem is most automation requires learning a programming or scripting language which most IT professionals don’t have the time to

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Is it Time to Retire Your NAS?

It’s time to retire Network Attached Storage (NAS) – at least as we know it. These systems, glorified file servers, are over two decades old. In that time, users have become more mobile, and organizations more diverse. What seemed like

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What is Open Converged Infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure (CI) and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) are common terms, but open converged infrastructure (OCI) is new. What is it and how is it different from the other architectures? This article will start with an examination of the similarities and

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Do Nutanix Customers Need a Backup Solution? – Comtrade HYCU Briefing Note

Nutanix customers find themselves in an interesting situation. On one hand, they have a scale out hyperconverged infrastructure system that has helped many people expand their virtualization environment. But some Nutanix customers find themselves in need of a backup solution.

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How to Design Self-Service Storage – ioFABRIC Briefing Note

For application owners, storage is an overly complicated ordeal that they must go through in order to get applications up and performing well. Ideally, application owners should be masked from the complexity of the infrastructure. They shouldn’t care which storage

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