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MeetTheCEO: Cloud Daddy’s Spencer Kupferman

As businesses migrate more of their data and applications to the cloud, a more comprehensive and mature disaster recovery implementation is required. Cloud service providers have built a base layer of data protection capabilities that focus primarily on enabling recovery

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What is Next-Generation Copy Data Management?

Copy data management (CDM) stands to save enterprises significant time and money and at the same time enhance disaster recovery. CDM software works by capturing a “golden master” copy of production data, and then creating and orchestrating the presentation of

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Snapshots: Your Data Protection Budget Killer

The modern business relies on copy data for a number of mission-critical functions. As a result, more copies must be created, and they must be stored for a longer amount of time. In the event of an outage, data loss

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A No Compromise Approach to Software Defined Storage – DataCore Software Briefing Note

Software Defined Storage (SDS) was supposed to displace legacy hardware storage solutions that locked customers into a particular vendor. Years after its introduction SDS continues to struggle to gain critical mass within data centers. Today most data centers, especially at

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Using Copy Data Management to Bolster Compliance

As Storage Switzerland frequently blogs, the future is compliance-heavy. The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just the start, influencing the formulation of other regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as well as a

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Democratizing NVMe and Public Cloud Replication – IBM Storage Briefing Note

Businesses large and small are looking to tap the performance acceleration of flash storage to be able to compete more effectively. The problem is that these solutions frequently come with a premium price tag  – especially as non-volatile memory express

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Abstract Applications from Infrastructure for Better Business Outcomes

The number of applications requiring high availability (HA) for business continuity and Tier 0 levels of performance is growing. For IT professionals, delivering on these demanding service level agreements (SLAs) is no easy task as IT environments grow more complex

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What’s Driving Data Protection Sprawl, and Why is it Such a Pain Point?

In today’s world of strict data privacy regulations, increasing and more sophisticated cyberattacks, and data-driven business intelligence, data protection is an important business priority. However, most organizations are dealing with the sprawl of data protection infrastructure that adds a significant

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Lightboard Video: Creating a Universal Infrastructure to Manage High Availability

Applications have seen explosive growth in the enterprise. Where just a few years ago there were three or four mission critical applications now there could be dozens. The organization is also more dependent on these applications than it has ever

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