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The Importance of Application Aware Snapshots


An application aware snapshot is one that is taken with the knowledge of an application that is storing its data on the volume. If you need a primer on snapshots, please see our previous blog on the subject. The taking

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Should I put a Backup Agent in my VM?

Should I put a Backup Agent in my VM?

Few people would disagree with the statement that the best way to backup virtual machines is some type of agentless method. And yet, years after this practice became common we still find some people putting backup agents in their VM.

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The Role of Snapshots in a Backup System

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Snapshots are moving to the forefront of many data centers when it comes to data protection. Therefore, it’s important to have a solid understanding of how they work and what to use them for. It’s also very important to understand

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Backup, Replication and Snapshot – When to Use Which?


“Backups.” It’s the universal term used to describe a much broader set of tools that make up the entire data protection process. There are varying degrees of data protection offered as features of RAID, backup, replication and snapshots. And each

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Is Your Primary Storage DR Ready?


User and organizational expectations are higher than ever. They want high performance access to massive amounts of data and in the event that something goes wrong they expect IT to resolve the situation instantly and cost effectively no matter how

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Integrating Copy Data Management with DRaaS – Axcient Briefing Note


Why don’t Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) vendors offer Copy Data Management (CDM) services? In order to do that, the company in question must have a copy of your data. The service must also be able to go back

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