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Cyber-Secure Storage Requires More Than Encryption

Encryption is a fundamental element of building a secure storage system, but organizations need more than just encryption. Encryption works when the outside attacker can’t authenticate themselves, but if the outside attacker can compromise a user or admin account, then

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Should You Protect Unstructured Data Differently?

The focus of backup is now on unstructured data instead of databases. Indeed, protection of databases is as important as it ever has been, but the backup process is probably not the right way to protect that data. Organizations have

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Simpler is Better – Solving Rack Scale Storage Problems – DriveScale Briefing Note

The storage infrastructure for multi-rack scale applications like Hadoop Spark, Cassandra, and CouchBase, are typically built using directly attached flash-based storage instead of a shared flash array. The motivation for using direct-attached storage (DAS) is simple. Media inside a server

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Are Snapshots Enough to Protect Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data is hard to protect. It is growing at alarming rates. It is a crucial target of cyber-threats like ransomware. Even the makeup of the data is problematic. Unstructured data is often made up of millions, and in some

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Why Protect Data in the Cloud? – Cloud Daddy Briefing Note

The motivation to protect cloud-based applications is different from on-premises applications. Cloud providers like Amazon do a good job of providing a basic level of data protection, including resilience from media failure, snapshots, and multi-cloud replication. The most common cause

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ChalkTalk Video: How to Scale Up and Scale Out Backup

Organizations are asked to store unprecedented amounts of data. Protection of this data to a secondary storage device and replicating it off-site is critical. For most organizations, the capacity requirements of secondary data, data used for backups and other purposes,

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