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Solving the Distributed Storage Challenge by Centralizing Your Data – Talon FAST Software Briefing Note

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Modern organizations continue to face an uphill battle as they struggle to meet the challenges of storing ever-growing amounts of unstructured data while also cost effectively managing their distributed storage environment. Many organizations are now moving data and operations to

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High Performance Private Cloud Storage via Software – StorPool Briefing Note


Multiple classes of storage make up public clouds (Amazon and Google both have at least three tiers). One of those is made from memory like flash or even DRAM to provide high performance storage to compute intensive applications. Private clouds

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Filling the Linux Data Reduction Gap – Permabit Briefing Note


Most data centers consider data reduction a “must have” feature for storage. The data reduction software should be able to deliver its capabilities without compromising performance. While many storage systems and a few operating systems now include data reduction as

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Making Sure the Storage Infrastructure Keeps Pace

Botstorm and Computer Virus determination Concept.

Cisco Briefing Note Pressure on the storage architecture is compounded by the variety of ways that infrastructure is delivered. Options range from traditional fibre channel storage area networks, to IP storage networks, to bladed systems and to hyperconverged infrastructures. Then,

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Adding File Services to Hyperconverged Architectures


Hyperconverged architectures are gaining interest in organizations of all sizes. They collapse the compute, network and storage tiers into a single tier that promises an easier to use and more cost effective solution for virtualized data centers. The problem is

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