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What is Scale-Out NAS 2.0

Scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are designed to address the shortcomings of scale-up solutions. Namely scale-up solutions require IT professionals to accurately predict the performance and storage capacity needs for the life of the NAS. Scale-out solutions by comparison

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HPE Buys Nimble – What Were They Thinking?

Yesterday HPE announced it is buying Nimble Storage for a little over 1 billion dollars. That news took almost everyone off-guard and also brought the immediate, “HPE is crazy”, reaction. Instead of writing something up right away, I needed to

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ChalkTalk Video: Proprietary Storage vs. Open Storage

It used to be very difficult for an organization to manage, scale and maximize the performance of its storage infrastructure. It made sense to partner with a vendor that provided a proprietary storage solution where software and hardware were tightly

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Solving the Distributed Storage Challenge by Centralizing Your Data – Talon FAST Software Briefing Note

Modern organizations continue to face an uphill battle as they struggle to meet the challenges of storing ever-growing amounts of unstructured data while also cost effectively managing their distributed storage environment. Many organizations are now moving data and operations to

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High Performance Private Cloud Storage via Software – StorPool Briefing Note

Multiple classes of storage make up public clouds (Amazon and Google both have at least three tiers). One of those is made from memory like flash or even DRAM to provide high performance storage to compute intensive applications. Private clouds

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