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Live Webinar: How To Make Data Center Storage Better Than The Cloud

A compelling reason to move applications to the cloud is how easy providers make storage management. To the users, cloud storage seems frictionless. They just “order-up” the capacity and performance they need, and the cloud gives it to them. Behind

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Whiteboard Webinar: Dealing with the Multi-Storage Vendor Data Center

Join Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst, George Crump for a Whiteboard Webinar as he discusses a key challenge facing data centers today, the multi-vendor storage infrastructure. Most data centers today have multiple storage systems from multiple vendors each with their own

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Weekly Storage Podcast: Docker Storage Deep Dive and Common Data Protection Mistakes

This week we are going to take a dive into a “whale” of a topic…Docker. We are also going to sit down with Storage Switzerland’s newest Analyst, Joseph Ortiz, to get his insights on the most common data protection mistakes

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Can Storage Silos be Eliminated?

In this era of the agile data center, the thought of consolidating to a single storage system may seem impossible. But the very technologies, flash and high capacity disk, that lead to storage sprawl can also eliminate it. In this article we discuss how the next generation of storage systems will need to combine flash and disk with software intelligence. This software will need to do more than just automatically move data between these tiers, it will need allow the administrator to set the quality of service policies that will guarantee critical applications consistent performance.

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Podcast – Stopping Storage Hardware Sprawl

In this podcast, I grab our Lead Analyst and Founder George Crump to talk to him about Storage Hardware Sprawl. After all he has written three columns on it recently and we did a video on the subject. We also

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