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Raising the Bar on Hyperconvergence, Storage and QoS

Pivot3 Briefing Note IT professionals have a lot of choices to make when they design their next generation infrastructure. They have to choose between a hyperconverged offering that consolidates compute, storage and networking into a single tier or a more

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Flash As Memory Instead of Storage

Diablo Technologies Memory1 Briefing Note Flash is typically thought of as a fast alternative to storage, the ultimate hard drive upgrade. But it is memory, so there is no reason IT can’t use it as an alternative to DRAM. The

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The StorageSwiss Top 25 for 2015

In terms of visitors, 2015 was a record year for, and at the end of each year we take a look at the top 25 read articles as indicated by our analytics. Our top 25 list is taken from

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What is NVMe? And what does it mean for PCIe-SSD?

There are two constants in data center storage; the need for greater performance and the need for greater capacity. Flash based storage devices have become the go-to option to address the first challenge. But application owners and users quickly move

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A Platform for Software Defined Storage

Flash Memory Summit Briefing: SavageIO’s Open Storage Platform Software Defined Storage (SDS) has a problem, it still requires hardware. This hardware requirement is a problem because most of the storage systems that a customer would purchase to go with their

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Briefing Note: Solving the Inflexibility of All-Flash Arrays

Coho Data Announces All-Flash Nodes All-Flash Array’s (AFA) are a performance sledgehammer for IT Planners looking to address performance issues in their environments. These systems allow data centers to respond faster to the needs of the business and they allow

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