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Flash Memory Summit 2019 – Day 3 Wrap Up

The third and final day of the Flash Memory Summit was as busy as the previous two. Most conferences fizzle out the last day; FMS day 3 was still abuzz with interesting sessions and quality briefings. Briefing 1 – Fibre

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Rethinking the SAN for the NVMe Era

Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) flash drives promise new levels of ultra-low latency and fast performance. The media is beginning to find its way into the enterprise storage environments, on the back of the need to serve the growing number of

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Lightboard Video: Overcoming the Challenges of Deploying NVMe Flash at Scale

The main advantages of NVMe flash drives are the low latency and high performance per drive. Those advantages are also the biggest challenges: each drive can generate hundreds of thousands of IOPS but if those drives are installed in a

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Delivering Storage for Web-Scale IT in the Enterprise – Excelero Briefing Note

A web-scale data center needs to scale to support thousands if not millions of users. Web-scale application use cases range from traditional transactional IT to modern data analytics and machine learning workloads. It also includes new advanced video applications and

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Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Hyperscale Data Centers – Excelero Briefing Note

A hyperscale data center may have hundreds of instances of multiple applications. At any point in time one of these instances may peak and demand a much higher than normal amount of CPU and storage IO, starving other instances and

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