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Can HCI Guarantee Application Performance?

Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI) promise simplicity; simpler management and simpler scaling. One of the challenges though is that as an organization scales it also starts to expect specific response times from specific applications. Priorities set in, and IT must assure the

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Move Compute Closer to Storage – NGD Systems Briefing Note

Modern applications like big data analytics, facial recognition, IoT and video streaming, as well as next generation applications like artificial intelligence and machine learning, place unique demands on both the compute and storage infrastructures. Most of the modern and next

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Dealing With Storage Scale in Docker Environments – Project Longhorn Briefing Note

Scale-out storage provides data centers the ability to create infrastructures that can scale to meet the capacity demands of hyper-scale environments. Flash provides data centers the ability to meet the performance demands of the hyper-scale environments. The missing link is

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Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Hyperscale Data Centers – Excelero Briefing Note

A hyperscale data center may have hundreds of instances of multiple applications. At any point in time one of these instances may peak and demand a much higher than normal amount of CPU and storage IO, starving other instances and

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Is SDS Ready for You? – DataCore Briefing Note

Software Defined Storage (SDS) has not taken the data center by storm like many experts predicted. Sales of turnkey hardware and software solutions still dominate the storage purchases for most data centers. The problem is that most SDS solutions have

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Does Flash Eliminate Performance Optimization?

Flash storage is increasingly more affordable, so much so that many organizations are throwing storage infrastructure optimization out the window. Flash is making performance management and tuning a lost art form. The problem is performance management is still very necessary.

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Flash Memory Summit Video – Software Defined Storage and Flash

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is nothing new, vendors have been presenting it under different names for years. But SDS really had not taken off, it was hindered by a lack of CPU power and highly latent hard disk performance. The

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