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What Should DDN do With Tintri?

After being delisted from NASDAQ and filing for Chapter 11, Tintri may have found a savior. Data Direct Networks (DDN) entered into a non-binding letter of intent agreement with Tintri to acquire most of Tintri’s assets. DDN is a well-run

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An Alternative Approach to HCI

Hyperconverged Infrastructures claim to be a simpler alternative to a traditional architecture with a dedicated compute and a dedicated storage tier. The primary source of the simplification is the elimination of a dedicated storage tier. Instead, HCI integrates storage into

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“Just Adding Another Node” – The Hidden HCI Scale Complexity

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is supposed to make scaling easier. When the architecture needs to deliver more compute power, storage performance or storage capacity, just add another node. The problem is “just adding another node”, especially as the number of nodes

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Can HCI Guarantee Application Performance?

Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI) promise simplicity; simpler management and simpler scaling. One of the challenges though is that as an organization scales it also starts to expect specific response times from specific applications. Priorities set in, and IT must assure the

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Did HCI Create a Storage Problem to Solve a Storage Problem?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) seems like a dream come true for IT professionals trying to deal with rapid data growth. HCI is built from a cluster of nodes, with each node providing compute, storage performance and storage capacity. When the organization

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End to End VM Management Driven By Storage – Tintri Briefing Note

Organizations are experiencing unprecedented growth in their virtual environments and as they grow, maintaining a consistent level of performance becomes a major problem. Most enterprises combat this challenge by over-provisioning resources; they buy too much compute and make massive investments

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Tintri Storage is DR Ready

In a recent article, my colleague George Crump discussed the need to simplify data protection (DP) and disaster recovery (DR) operations, with primary storage that is DR ready. DR ready primary storage would aid in DP and DR processes without

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