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ChalkTalk Video: Protecting Mission Critical Applications With Recovery In Place Backups

When it comes to mission critical applications, most organizations count on high availability products to protect their mission critical applications. It looks like this; the mission critical application is mirrored or clustered. It is then backed up and in some

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Did HCI Create a Storage Problem to Solve a Storage Problem?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) seems like a dream come true for IT professionals trying to deal with rapid data growth. HCI is built from a cluster of nodes, with each node providing compute, storage performance and storage capacity. When the organization

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Ceph: Roll Your Own or Turnkey?

Ceph offers an open source storage alternative to those who need object, block, and file services. Initially developed at UC Santa Cruz and funded by a number of government agencies, Ceph has grown into a very interesting solution for a

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Briefing Note: Software Defined Storage grows up with FalconStor FreeStor

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is still in its infancy. While there are exceptions, like Atlantis Computing, Nexenta and DataCore, vendors in the space are for the most part startups looking to get their first hundred or so customers. FalconStor’s new

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SolidFire brings Agile Storage Infrastructure to the Enterprise

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) often walk on the edge of a knife. They have to supply the capacity and performance to meet their clients’ SLAs but still keep costs under control in a hyper-competitive environment. For their storage systems it’s

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Nimble’s Adaptive Flash extends the range of Hybrid Arrays

Choosing a storage system has always involved tradeoffs, often between performance and capacity. This has been the case with flash-based systems where buyers have typically decided on hybrid arrays when capacity was more important and all-flash arrays when performance was

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Clustered HA Storage for the masses

Many organizations rely on large databases, such as SQL Server, SAP, and Oracle, to run their most mission critical business applications. But the cost of implementing application high availability (HA) and continuous data protection through a clustered storage infrastructure in

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