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NetApp Holds Annual Conference Amidst Mandalay Bay Shooting

If NetApp handles its business as well as it handled Insight 2017 – held in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas – NetApp will do just fine. The conference, held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, went

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Analyst Blog: NetApp/SolidFire – Playing it Safe and Wasting $870 Million

Last week, ahead of the acquisition, we gave suggestions to NetApp on what it should do if it acquires SolidFire. This week NetApp moved forward with the purchase, and now $870 million later owns one of the better all-flash array

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Analyst Blog: Making a NetApp/SolidFire Deal Work

The rumors around a potential NetApp/Solidfire deal seem to be heating up. My research leads me to believe there are some conversations between the two companies. CRN suggests that NetApp is interested in acquiring SolidFire for over a billion dollars.

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SolidFire Analyst Day: Unlimited Drive Wear, Seamless Upgrades, more Platforms

SolidFire has historically been a solution targeted for service providers and private clouds, with features that support Quality of Service (QoS), multi-tenancy, automation, etc. Their plan has been to provide a consolidated, high-performance storage solution that scales seamlessly and can

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Briefing Note: SolidFire shows why more and less is better for Software Releases

Nitrogen is SolidFire’s seventh generation OS release, following their theme of naming operating system versions after elements, Oxygen being the next. With 100+ elements on the period table, they should be set for the next several years of releases. While

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SolidFire lowers Entry Point for Cloud-scale, All-flash Arrays

SolidFire is the all-flash array manufacturer that came to market with a scale-out storage system tailored for large-scale multi-tenant environments. These systems offered guaranteed performance, high availability, automated management and a strong efficiency story, based on the advantages that all-flash

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Should you be able to turn All-Flash Deduplication off?

Deduplication, along with compression, provides the ability to more efficiently use premium priced flash capacity. But capacity efficiency comes with at least some performance impact. This is especially true on all-flash arrays where data efficiency features can’t hide behind hard

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VMworld After Hours: SolidFire Party

After a busy day of shooting ChalkTalk videos Storage Switzerland took to the streets of San Francisco to see what was going on after hours. Our first stop of the night was an event at the Thirsty Bear, hosted by

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Storage Q&A: Is The Next Generation Data Center the “End-Game” for IT?

The next generation data center is here. Highly virtualized servers, extreme VM density, thriving on flexibility, low cost and efficiency. So that’s the thumbnail look at this new data center concept. Here to talk about it in a little more

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SolidFire brings Agile Storage Infrastructure to the Enterprise

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) often walk on the edge of a knife. They have to supply the capacity and performance to meet their clients’ SLAs but still keep costs under control in a hyper-competitive environment. For their storage systems it’s

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