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ChalkTalk Video: Establishing Peace between DBAs and Storage Admins with Software Defined Storage

Storage Admins and Database Admins are often at odds with one another. DBAs want more performance, more availability and more capacity, often pushing the storage architecture to its limits. In this video, StorageSwiss and ioFABRIC depict the typical DBA /

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Briefing Note: The Next Generation Data Center demands SDS 2.0

The next generation data center requires a fundamental change in the way we implement and manage storage. IT professionals who are trying to implement these various changes have two basic options: Clean Slate or Augment. The problem is that both

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Data Center Visit – Cloud Provider vs. Converged Storage

Our latest data center visit was to a Texas based cloud provider focused on providing compute and hosting services. While they are one of the largest providers in the market, what makes them unique is their security. They provide one

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Storage Q&A: Is The Next Generation Data Center the “End-Game” for IT?

The next generation data center is here. Highly virtualized servers, extreme VM density, thriving on flexibility, low cost and efficiency. So that’s the thumbnail look at this new data center concept. Here to talk about it in a little more

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Storage Q&A with Jay Prassl, VP of Marketing at SolidFire

The Next Generation Data Center is a concept that companies like SolidFire use to describe an ideal of storage performance, scale, efficiency and management in multi-tenant cloud environments – public and private clouds. But more than an ideal, companies in

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The All-Flash operating system for the Next Generation Data Center

All-flash solutions are fast, but not all flash solutions will solve your performance problems. In the enterprise, in the public and private clouds, speed alone isn’t enough. All-flash arrays should also be able to guarantee predictable service levels for each

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How to design Storage for the Next Generation Data Center

Being a cloud provider is a challenging proposition. Like a utility, a cloud provider (public or private) has to support almost any level of user consumption and maintain that support as demand changes, with little or no advanced notice. These

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