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MeetTheCEO: Druva’s CEO Jaspreet Singh

Recently George Crump and I sat down with Jaspreet Singh CEO of Druva, a data protection software company that provides data center class availability and governance for both the mobile and distributed enterprise. We talk to Jaspreet about Druva’s converged

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Containers vs. Virtual Machines

Which is Right for Windows Applications? Virtualization has allowed the data center to become more responsive to the needs of the business. As it has moved into production, however, virtualization has hit several walls and the scalability of the “one

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What are VVols?

With vSphere 6, VMware is set to address one of the biggest storage management problems facing the virtualized environment, associating virtual machines (VMs) with the storage they are using. VVOLs provide that visibility and allow storage and server administration to

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Briefing Note: The Next Generation Data Center demands SDS 2.0

The next generation data center requires a fundamental change in the way we implement and manage storage. IT professionals who are trying to implement these various changes have two basic options: Clean Slate or Augment. The problem is that both

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Designing Data Protection for the 100% Availability Perception

Thanks primarily to cloud based services users have been exposed to data centers that are able to offer at least the perception of applications that never go down and data that is never deleted. A simple Google search will reveal

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Enterprise All-Flash – HP StoreServ 7450 All-Flash Array

The all-flash market is full of startups that have captured the attention of IT planners in data centers of all sizes. Now HP is out to get that attention back with their 7450 All-Flash Array. Many of these startup companies

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Multi-Hypervisor, Multi-Use Application Availability

In an ever changing IT landscape, business owners and data center managers are finding it increasingly challenging to ensure that critical business information is not only adequately protected, but that the underlying system infrastructure is resilient enough to withstand outages

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Poor Performance Is The Same As Downtime

When the subject of application or data availability comes up in IT meetings the focus of the discussion is what to do when an application fails or the storage system that holds that application’s data fails. Occasionally with a savvy

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