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Webinar: The Lies that Software Defined Storage Tell

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is one of the most hyped terms in the industry. It is supposed to break vendor lock-in, allowing the use hardware from any vendor. Yet most data centers buy their storage hardware and storage software from

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Analyst Opinion: Analyzing the Niche section of the Gartner Magic Quadrant

In my last three columns I have analyzed the Leader, Visionary, and Challenger sections of the Gartner Magic Quadrant. In this column we will take a look at the most confusing part of the Gartner chart, the Niche section. Section

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Come to the Data Storage Innovation Conference – Podcast

Storage Switzerland Founder George Crump and I talk to David Dale, the Chairman of the Board for the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) about the upcoming Data Storage Innovation Conference (DSI), to be held April 22 to 24 in Santa

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Need Consulting? We can help. – Podcast

Who better to help you with your storage issues than to get input from the folks who you listen to here! Lead Analyst George Crump talks about the consulting service we provide at Storage Switzerland. Subscribe to our podcasts at

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Video – How to Stop Performance Sprawl

In our recent webinar, How to Stop Hardware Sprawl, we found that users are having a lot of problems handling performance. And performance is generating much of the hardware sprawl problem. Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump addresses Performance Sprawl

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Software Defined Storage – Podcast

Hyper-converged storage is true Software-defined Storage (SDS), since by migrating storage intelligence to the hypervisor it’s completely hardware agnostic. But there’s still room for improvement. In this podcast, we look at how SDS is evolving and how it can continue

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How Will Storage Controller Technology Evolve in 2014?

One of the top read articles on StorageSwiss is, “What is a Storage Controller?“. As we discussed in that article, a storage controller is the compute power in a storage system and is responsible for delivering basic functions like concatenating disks into volumes, RAID data protection

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