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Is your Backup Software Aware of your Data?

Twenty years ago backup applications had absolutely no knowledge of the data they were backing up. Those responsible for backing up applications such as Oracle, Informix, or Sybase were told to either shut down those applications prior to running a

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Webinar: The Lies that Software Defined Storage Tell

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is one of the most hyped terms in the industry. It is supposed to break vendor lock-in, allowing the use hardware from any vendor. Yet most data centers buy their storage hardware and storage software from

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EMC World 2016 – EMC Really is a Software Company

Storage hardware vendors like to refer to themselves as software companies. While it is true that most of them write storage software that runs on off-the-shelf hardware, most of them require that you buy their hardware to get their storage

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MeetTheCEO: Caringo’s Jonathan Ring

Caringo’s Jonathan Ring is the CEO on our latest MeetTheCEO podcast with Storage Swiss’ George Crump and Charlie Hodges. Jonathan discusses how Caringo’s software is the foundation for simple, bulletproof, limitless storage solutions. We also discuss the company’s goals and

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Analyst Opinion: Analyzing the Niche section of the Gartner Magic Quadrant

In my last three columns I have analyzed the Leader, Visionary, and Challenger sections of the Gartner Magic Quadrant. In this column we will take a look at the most confusing part of the Gartner chart, the Niche section. Section

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Open Platform Docker simplifies Software Development Cycle

At VMworld we spoke with Docker, an open software platform designed to simplify the building, shipping and running of distributed applications. Similar to the way VMware virtualizes the hardware, Docker essentially virtualizes the operating system. This results in greater standardization

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Storage Developers: This One’s For You

Most IT professionals go to a trade show to learn, after all, knowledge is the stock in trade for our industry. But what about the professionals in the storage eco-system, the individuals that actually create the solutions that IT professionals

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SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference – For Storage Engineers by Storage Engineers

Keeping up with all the changes taking place in the storage industry is a major challenge for today’s storage architect. From high performance flash storage and cloud oriented object storage systems to software defined storage and big data analytics platforms,

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Making Storage Software better – The Storage Developer Conference

Most storage start-ups today are software focused. They create a storage solution out of software and then either leverage off the shelf storage hardware or allow the customers to build the rest of the solution themselves. The software first approach

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