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15 Minute Webinar – Finding the Right File System for AI and ML Workloads

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and High Velocity Analytic workloads are going mainstream. Enterprises of all types and sizes want to seize the opportunity their data presents. As these workloads move from development to production, organizations face a significant challenge with

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Storage Developers: This One’s For You

Most IT professionals go to a trade show to learn, after all, knowledge is the stock in trade for our industry. But what about the professionals in the storage eco-system, the individuals that actually create the solutions that IT professionals

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Object Storage 101

Strictly speaking, object storage refers to a system where data is stored in discrete buckets or “objects”, in contrast to the directories and subdirectories of a traditional file system. It can be implemented in any storage architecture, but is usually

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What Is Object Storage?

This past week Storage Switzerland and other industry influencers joined Cleversafe, Data Direct Networks, Intel, Nexsan, Quantum, and Scality at the Next Generation Object Storage Summit in Florida. The first order of business was to try to explain what Object

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What is LTFS?

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is IBM’s recently released, self describing tape file system that enables tape media to be mounted and read by the operating system when the cartridge is inserted into the tape drive. The goal is to

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