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SlideShare: Cloud Storage: The 5 Reasons IT Can Do it Better

Cloud storage sounds like the ultimate solution for one of the data center’s biggest problems. What do you do with unstructured data that is rapidly growing both in terms of capacity consumed and number of files you store? Cloud storage

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Hyper-convergence, from Hype to Maturity

Hyper-converged architectures are solutions that leverage virtualization to support a software stack that aggregates storage and networking across compute nodes, converging these resources into a single stack. These solutions and their potential have been the focus of a lot of

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The easy button for OpenStack Swift gets better

Early this year we compared the work involved in building a storage infrastructure around OpenStack Swift versus using SwiftStack. While the names OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack are similar, the process of getting to the point where you can write data

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Briefing Note: MobileFAST Extends Distributed Enterprise File Sharing to Mobile Devices

Storage Switzerland was briefed last fall about Talon FAST solutions that are designed to provide secure file sharing between remote locations or branch offices of a company. Installed in those branch offices in place of a local file server, it

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IT Can’t Ignore the Video Surveillance Data Explosion

IT professionals are simultaneously being pulled in multiple directions. For most, data center management is more like triage than a well-engineered series of processes. As a result, IT managers and CIOs are very careful about which projects they “own”, which

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Briefing Note: Springpath Delivers SDS from the Ground Up

In the future, the data center’s storage architecture should be able to scale elastically, automatically adapting to performance demands. It should also be more than just reliable; it should be self-healing, and deliver these capabilities with cloud economics. This future

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Using the Nasuni Service to solve File Data Challenges

File data, also known as unstructured data, is one of the biggest challenges facing IT. Users want seamless access to this data no matter where they are or how old the data is. IT needs to manage the growth of

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