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Is the Data Center Ready for Flash Archives? – Nimbus Data Briefing Note

Archiving, as a concept, looks great on paper. It alleviates primary storage capacity, simplifies data protection and lowers overall storage cost. The problem is when it is necessary to search for and retrieve data in that archive, or worst case

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InfoArchive & SourceOne: EMC’s Two Archive Products

Prior to attending EMC World, I was aware EMC owned only one archive product: SourceOne. It is capable of handling the archiving and e-discovery needs of email and file systems. SourceOne was developed by EMC several years ago after learning

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The easy button for OpenStack Swift gets better

Early this year we compared the work involved in building a storage infrastructure around OpenStack Swift versus using SwiftStack. While the names OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack are similar, the process of getting to the point where you can write data

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OpenStack Swift – Should Enterprise Customers DIY or use SwiftStack?

The amount of storage being generated everyday by enterprises is growing rapidly, with no sign of slowing down. Enterprise IT is now faced with the challenge of storing and managing this data in a world where IT budgets are stagnant

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Attaining Ongoing Storage Savings

Data center planners tasked with lowering the cost of storage have an unenviable job. Several industry sources state that data is doubling every two years and the principal source of this growth is unstructured data (user files, PDFs, rich multimedia,

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