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Data Management as a Strategy – Commvault Go 2016

A complete data management requires solutions for data protection, data preservation, copy management, data mobility, data classification, data search and disaster recovery. There are numerous point solutions on the market today that address these needs, but most only cover one

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Copy Data Management for Oracle and the Cloud

Catalogic Briefing Note Managing all the copies of the data in your environment is one of the keys to managing cost and making dev/test and analytics more efficient. Most organizations do a very poor job of managing their copies. A

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Data Centers need Open Cloud Integration

Organizations establishing a cloud first strategy are looking for ways to integrate both legacy and modern applications. They are also looking for ways to automate and orchestrate redundant tasks. The goal is self-service IT, where users order the capabilities they

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Integrating Data Value into Primary Storage

Briefing Note: DataGravity Discovery Series V2 Data is an asset and for many organizations it is more valuable than the hardware on which it resides. Despite its value, few storage systems do anything to help IT professionals understand what is

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Addressing the Docker to Production Storage Challenge

Briefing Note: Hedvig Storage Driver for Flocker Delivers Persistent Storage for Docker Containers Docker is a container technology that virtualizes at a finer level of granularity than a virtual machine (VM). This finer granularity is more lightweight than a VM,

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OpenStack Swift – Should Enterprise Customers DIY or use SwiftStack?

The amount of storage being generated everyday by enterprises is growing rapidly, with no sign of slowing down. Enterprise IT is now faced with the challenge of storing and managing this data in a world where IT budgets are stagnant

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Analyst Blog: What are Converged Infrastructures? Part 1 – Hardware Convergence

Every so often it makes sense to take a step back and attempt to define the terms that we in the industry use to describe the approaches we take to solving customer problems. One of those is “converged architectures”. When

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