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Why and How to Change Backup Solutions – Catalogic Briefing Note

Almost every organization is looking for a better backup solution. Given the number of new solutions that appear on the market, seemingly every day, IT needs to decide why they need to change backup solutions and then how to replace

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Does Your Copy Data Solution Play Checkers or Chess? – Catalogic Briefing Note

A copy data management solution should save organization’s money in two areas. First, and most obvious, physical capacity consumption by creating virtual copies instead of actual copies, but any storage system with snapshot capabilities can at some level claim that

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Bringing Copy Data Management to Pure Storage

Catalogic Briefing Note The goal of a copy data management (CDM) solution is to limit the number of secondary copies of data by combining advanced snapshots and replication with orchestration to automate how secondary copies of data are presented to

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Copy Data Management for Oracle and the Cloud

Catalogic Briefing Note Managing all the copies of the data in your environment is one of the keys to managing cost and making dev/test and analytics more efficient. Most organizations do a very poor job of managing their copies. A

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DevOps for IT Pros: The Key to Addressing Bi-Modal IT

DevOps can deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) for those environments choosing to invest in it. Environments adopting a DevOps mentality move from merely supporting operations to truly enabling better, more efficient operations. IT moves from merely changing the

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The Bi-Modal IT Challenge

IBM and Catalogic Team Up To Help Transform IT The modern data center has two modes; Reliable IT and Agile IT. Reliable IT represents core mission critical applications that drive the internal operations of the company. As its name suggests,

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ChalkTalk Video: Customer Case Study Using ECX to Manage Copy Data

File data can amount to 80% or more of the data that needs to be protected and managed. For Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, it was a big problem. Stepphon Gayle, their Data Storage Manager, handles protecting more than

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Copy Data Management: In-Place vs. Rip and Replace

Copy Data are the copies of production data made for various business functions. It is growing at an alarming rate as IT and business processes beyond data protection demand access to versions of production data. Copy Data Management (CDM) has emerged to manage this data, creating two sub-categories reflective of their approach; “in-place CDM” and “replace CDM”. In this article StorageSwiss explains the differences in these approaches and how to select the one that is best for your data center.

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SlideShare – Why 2015 is the Year of Copy Data – What are the requirements

Data is the new currency of business. To fully protect and exploit this data requires that it be copied to various backend processes like data protection, compliance and data analytics. The problem is that primary data is growing by 35

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StorageShort: Copy Data Methods

2015 is going to be a big year for Copy Data. We expect every major data protection vendor to release some form of copy data management solution to the market this year. But vendors will take different approaches to deliver

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