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Lightboard Video: Dealing with Multi-Cloud Data Management Complexity in 2020

This year, and for most of this decade, data centers will be dealing with the cloud, containers, and copy data. Using the public cloud is top of mind for every organization, but using the cloud intelligently and developing a strategy

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Backup as a Service Without Compromise

Protecting an organization’s digital assets is more challenging than ever. Users expect IT to backup all data, retain those backups indefinitely, and be able to recover data quickly with no loss or interruption. At the same time, IT has more

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Dell Cloud Snapshot Manager

Embracing SaaS for Multi-Cloud Data Protection Modern cloud workloads exist across heterogeneous, multi-cloud infrastructures, but the cloud services that host them lack rich, native data protection toolsets. While snapshot features typically exist in the cloud they are not automated and

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MeetTheCEO: Actifio’s Ash Ashutosh

Enterprises are dealing with a constant tide of copy data sprawl. More copies are being created to serve secondary business processes like analytics, test and development, and frequently with limited oversight or governance from IT. Meanwhile, regulations like the European

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What is Next-Generation Copy Data Management?

Copy data management (CDM) stands to save enterprises significant time and money and at the same time enhance disaster recovery. CDM software works by capturing a “golden master” copy of production data, and then creating and orchestrating the presentation of

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Snapshots: Your Data Protection Budget Killer

The modern business relies on copy data for a number of mission-critical functions. As a result, more copies must be created, and they must be stored for a longer amount of time. In the event of an outage, data loss

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Using Copy Data Management to Bolster Compliance

As Storage Switzerland frequently blogs, the future is compliance-heavy. The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just the start, influencing the formulation of other regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as well as a

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Primary Storage for VMware on AWS – Zadara Briefing Note

VMware on AWS has been available for over a year, yet there are several missing elements. There are a lack of available data protection solutions and there is a lack of a truly enterprise class storage solution. The primary challenge

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