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Meeting the Storage Challenges of Azure Stack Edge Deployments

The public cloud is typically looked on as the great consolidator. Organizations, small and large, use the cloud as a hub for data storage and distribution. Recently, however, there has been a proliferation of edge use cases, and the major

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Are Cloud Storage Tiers Making You Cry?

Moving data from one tier of storage to another to drive down costs is the foundation of data management but there comes a point when too many tiers is a problem, especially when each tier of storage comes with strings

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Veritas Flex 5150 Briefing Note – Solving the Edge Data Center Protection Challenge

Organizations are no longer all centrally located at a single headquarters. They are not even a collection of three or four locations. Instead, the modern organization can have dozens of sites. In specific industries like retail, these organizations can have

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How to Create a Cloud File Server – LucidLink Briefing Note

Most enterprises have invested in several, if not dozens of file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) systems to distribute and share data. The cost to purchase, upgrade, and eventually replace these systems is expensive. Also, the typical user, while often

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What is a Second-Generation Cloud Strategy?

Adoption of cloud services is following a trend similar to on-premises data center infrastructure. Many data centers begin using a single infrastructure vendor, compromising flexibility for the assumed simplicity of a single solution. As data centers evolve, they gravitate toward

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19 Minute Webinar: Making Multi-Cloud Work

Multi-Cloud seems to be the next big thing in the public cloud. With multi-cloud, an organization can move applications between cloud providers to take advantage of better pricing or better technology. While it is relatively easy to migrate an application

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MSP Agent or Provider – What Do Customers Want?

In the Lightboard Video below, Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President at Asigra, and I discuss the business of being a managed service provider (MSP). In the video, we discuss how MSPs can build value into their businesses by investing in

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Lightboard Video: MSPs Need to Build Value

Managed Service Providers (MSP) are survivors of the reseller purge seen in the early 2000s, or their founders are trying to be careful to avoid the mistakes made in that era. These organizations prevent the sale of one-time solutions and

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SlideShare: Implementing and Leveraging Multi-cloud and Second Generation Cloud Strategies

Many businesses are eager to initiate a cloud migration strategy and take advantage of the economic benefits that clouds offer. However, concerns regarding vendor lock-in, proprietary technology, and hidden costs have served as a deterrent for a large number of

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Bringing an OpEx Model to the Data Protection Service Provider

A managed service provider (MSP) that offers a data protection service typically provides backup, recovery and high availability capabilities to their customers in the form of a subscription based service. In some cases those providers enjoy a similar pricing model

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