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Fifteen Minute Friday: Designing Cloud Storage for the Data Center, the Edge, and the Cloud

When most vendors talk about solving an organization’s storage problems, they typically are talking about solving their challenges in one of three categories: the data center, the edge or the cloud. The reality is that even within these three categories,

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Keeping Office 365 Data Safe with Veeam and KeepItSafe

Beyond Microsoft’s clear position on data, “it’s your data”, it makes more sense to protect Microsoft Office 365 than potentially any other SaaS platform. Office 365 has on-premises versions, so when IT recovers data on-premises the organization can actually operate

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How to Backup Office 365

The case for protecting Office 365 is undeniable. First, Microsoft’s license agreement makes it very clear that the data stored on its service is the user’s and it is the user’s responsibility to protect it. Second, it makes sense to

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Embracing Cloud Storage Services for Data Durability and Availability

Legacy storage architectures are notoriously expensive and complex. Factor in the blazing pace at which data growth is accelerating, alongside rising pressure from the business for ubiquitous and always-on data availability, and a new nightmare is brewing for IT –

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Orchestration is Key to Cloud Disaster Recovery

The cloud is an ideal location from which to execute a disaster recovery. It eliminates the need for a secondary DR site and the processing power required by recovered applications because the organization purchases cloud storage and compute at the

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The Changing Scope of Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, for most organizations, used to mean making sure that a handful of mission-critical applications were protected and able to be brought back online in the event of a data center failure. The data center of today has changed

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Disaster Recovery with Cloud as Primary Storage

The first blog in this series discussed initially using a Cloud as Primary Storage solution for data protection and then in the second blog in the series, transitioning to using the Cloud as Primary Storage to store production data. In

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How to Go All-In with the Cloud as Primary Storage

In our on demand webinar, “Eliminate Backups and Simplify DR with Hybrid Cloud Storage“, we discuss how IT can use the cloud as primary storage to improve their data protection process while dramatically reducing their investments in secondary storage. Since

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SlideShare: Eliminate Backups and Simplify DR with Hybrid Cloud Storage

The cloud should be a valuable ally in helping organizations eliminate backup infrastructure and increase their disaster recovery (DR) confidence. The reality is that current cloud backup and DR solutions fall short because they don’t fully exploit cloud resources. Most

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