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Veritas Flex 5150 Briefing Note – Solving the Edge Data Center Protection Challenge

Organizations are no longer all centrally located at a single headquarters. They are not even a collection of three or four locations. Instead, the modern organization can have dozens of sites. In specific industries like retail, these organizations can have

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Is it Time for Application-Focused Storage?

Service level agreements (SLAs) for application availability for business continuity, and for performance, are more demanding than ever before. Each application often has specific SLA requirements, which results in multi-vendor, heterogeneous IT infrastructures that are challenging to manage. As a

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Data Protection Versus Hyperconverged Data Protection

As applications’ data protection requirements become more unique, many enterprises are considering a hyperconverged data protection solution so they can “just drop in” a node to meet expansion needs. While at the surface this sounds like an agile and simple

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What’s Driving Data Protection Sprawl, and Why is it Such a Pain Point?

In today’s world of strict data privacy regulations, increasing and more sophisticated cyberattacks, and data-driven business intelligence, data protection is an important business priority. However, most organizations are dealing with the sprawl of data protection infrastructure that adds a significant

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Lightboard Video: Creating a Universal Infrastructure to Manage High Availability

Applications have seen explosive growth in the enterprise. Where just a few years ago there were three or four mission critical applications now there could be dozens. The organization is also more dependent on these applications than it has ever

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Bringing Copy Data Management as a Service to Enterprises – Actifio GO SaaS Briefing Note

There is no doubt that production data is growing, but copy data is growing even faster. More data must be backed up as the stricter compliance landscape creates more comprehensive retention requirements, and copy data is being used to serve

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Lightboard Video: Addressing Data Protection Sprawl with Containers

Enterprises are dealing with the sprawl of data protection services, which adds cost in the form of redundant and underutilized infrastructure as well as management complexity. George Crump, Lead Analyst for Storage Switzerland, and Roger Stein, solutions marketing manager for

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Ensuring Data Protection in the Age of Data Sprawl with Cloud Services

Today’s data landscape is massively distributed, due in large part to growth of international businesses. Not only are the number of remote branch office locations growing to enable business to be conducted on a global scale, but also merger and

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SlideShare: 10 Reasons Why Backup Breaks and How to Fix It

IT professionals have been struggling to develop a consistent, reliable backup strategy since the beginning of the data center. Yet the more the data center has evolved, the more difficult the task of successfully protecting data has become. Now, for

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