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Scaling Out Backup

Secondary storage, the storage that holds among other things backup data, will potentially store 10X the amount of capacity primary storage will. In addition, organizations are expecting more from their backup solutions; faster recoveries, data management and copy data management.

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ChalkTalk Video: Hyperscaling Data Protection

One of the data protection challenges IT professionals face is dealing with the growth of protected copies of data. Traditional systems simply scale up and eventually hit a wall that forces an upgrade or the purchase of additional systems. The

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ChalkTalk Video: The Keys to Hybrid IT Success

As data centers look to the cloud they are faced with the very real challenges of dealing with sprawl, managing growth and ever increasing complexity. Growth though is not bad, it means the business is growing. Growth, however, needs to

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Move Compute Closer to Storage – NGD Systems Briefing Note

Modern applications like big data analytics, facial recognition, IoT and video streaming, as well as next generation applications like artificial intelligence and machine learning, place unique demands on both the compute and storage infrastructures. Most of the modern and next

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Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Hyperscale Data Centers – Excelero Briefing Note

A hyperscale data center may have hundreds of instances of multiple applications. At any point in time one of these instances may peak and demand a much higher than normal amount of CPU and storage IO, starving other instances and

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Micron Invests Big to Drive Flash Innovation Outside of the Box

Fifty percent of enterprise data centers are leaving the big storage companies, according to Micron VP, Darren Thomas, and chip vendors like Micron can’t simply rely on these OEMs any more to sustain and grow their businesses. This was a

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Hyper-scale Nightmare: Using Consumer SSD in the Data Center – Podcast

One way admins of hyperscale data centers try to reduce costs is to use consumer-grade solid state drives in their scale-out server architectures, instead of the enterprise-class SSDs that are routinely used in these environments. In this podcast, Shawn Worsell of OCZ/Toshiba

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