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DriveScale Composable Infrastructure: Elastic and Efficient Resources for Modern Workloads

Modern workloads such as Hadoop, Kafka and machine learning are demanding in terms of the volume of data that must be processed, the speed at which that data much be processed, and the fact that their capacity and performance requirements

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Breaking Down Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra Silos – DriveScale Briefing Note

The storage architecture of most next generation applications, like Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra, leverage local, direct attached storage to avoid excessive storage traffic on the network and keep costs down. While this architecture does accomplish its goals, it also re-creates

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Amazon Re:Invent Briefing – Igneous – S3 in your Data Center

Despite the ever increasing acceptance of the cloud, an undeniable reality is most organizations will have data they will never put into the cloud. At the same time these organizations “get” the value of an elastic storage infrastructure that they

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Seagate’s Kinetic Drives reduce Object Storage costs – now GA

After a one-year incubation, Seagate’s Kinetic Open Storage Platform is now generally available. It features disk drives that communicate with applications over Ethernet, using a key-value architecture and RESTful APIs, instead of traditional protocols like SCSI or SATA. What’s different

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