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Software-Only HA and DR for Linux – LINBIT Briefing Note

Linux is the dominant operating system of most cloud providers, and many enterprises have mission-critical applications that run on Linux. The applications running in these environments can be on bare metal systems, or virtual machines as well as containers. All

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What is End to End NVMe?

NVMe is a storage protocol designed specifically for flash-based storage. It is PCIe-based and provides more commands per IO queue and more IO queues. The NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-F) extension gives IP and Fibre Channel (FC) networks the ability to

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Live Webinar: How Software-Defined Networking Can Simplify Scale-Out HCI

Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI) offer management simplicity and provisioning agility to data centers undergoing digital transformation. When applications need more compute or storage resources, IT can “simply add a node” to an existing HCI cluster. But as the HCI environment scales

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Optimizing Amazon EBS with S3

Primary storage vendors have been slow to integrate the public cloud into their solutions. Most pretend the public cloud doesn’t exist and even the vendors that do provide some level of integration to use the cloud only as a giant

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ChalkTalk Video: Practical Strategies to a Hybrid Cloud

Almost every data center professional wants to create a hybrid cloud strategy, one that optimizes on-premises resources while leveraging the almost infinite capabilities of the cloud. The best approach is to start with what is known, on-premises storage, but move

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Analysis of Actifio’s Results in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities of Data Center Backup and Recovery

The definition of backup is always changing. Backed up files or databases were typically put into some type of container, such as tar. When backups started being stored on disk, the tradition of putting backed up data into a container

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