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ChalkTalk Video: Using the 3-2-1 Rule To Protect Against Ransomware

Protection in the modern data center is changing. IT must provide backup to disk and an instant recover capability to meet the recovery expectations of application owners. But this rapid protection also puts data at risk to a ransomware attack.

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EMC World 2015 Day 2 Podcast

George Crump is in Las Vegas for EMC World 2015 and joins Charlie Hodges with an update from the second day at of the annual event. We discuss EMC’s Federation involving Pivotal, VMware and other partners, and how that Federation

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Briefing Note: SIOS Provides High Availability for Azure based MS-SQL

Data centers of all sizes are looking to the cloud to perform computational workloads like databases and other applications. They are expecting a cloud provider to either run the entire workload in the cloud or make capacity available for bursting

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Analyst Blog: Data Protection Workshops become Design-shops in 2015

Our second year of Data Protection Workshops, in conjunction with TechTarget/Storage Decisions, are underway and coming to a city near you. The theme of this year’s sessions will be breaking the rules of data protection to meet the stricter and

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Does Replication equal DR Readiness?

In our recent webinar, “Flexible HA and DR for Virtual Server and Cloud Environments”, a majority of attendees indicated that replication was their sole method of providing high availability and protecting from disaster. While copying data to a secondary storage

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Podcast – Overcoming the MS-SQL HA Barriers

Users and business line managers demand that their applications are available all of the time. That’s very expensive and complex. To preview their webinar on the barriers to HA are Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and Tony Tomarchio from SIOS. Click on

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