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Build your DRaaS

DRaaS is the future of disaster recovery, but leveraging cloud backup may be an expensive way to implement it. Cloud replication, because it is operating on the working set, keeps cloud storage costs contained. The cloud replication software also enables organizations with an IT ready secondary site to leverage that site and create their own DRaaS. In either case, the organization is in control of when and how recovery happens. DRaaS built on replication also enables organizations to use the replication software to enable other cloud initiatives like bursting and test/dev. In this article Storage Switzerland explores the various methods to go about creating and implementing a DRaaS solution.

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Storage Management by Spreadsheet

It’s 2016 and still the number one storage management application is Microsoft Excel. Storage administrators continue to use Excel spreadsheets to track how much capacity each server is using and assign which LUN or volume goes to those servers. Of

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ChalkTalk Video: Do Hyperconverged Architectures really Converge Networking?

Hyperconverged architectures claim to collapse compute, storage and networking into the same physical hardware. They create a cluster out of physical servers and leverage hypervisor technology to allow the cluster to run virtual machines and storage services at the same

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Hitachi’s HSP Hyper-Converged Appliance makes Big Data Analytics fit the Enterprise

Big Data Analytics uses distributed computing architectures, on platforms like Hadoop, to run large processing jobs on even larger datasets. Since data being processed in a Hadoop environment usually needs to be resident on the compute nodes themselves, this can

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Docker Defined Storage

Portworx Briefing Note Docker is changing the application development process, but most data centers want to leverage the agility and efficiency of containers from development all the way through production. The move to production requires data persistence that keeps the

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What are Workloads and why you should care

Data Centers are under increasing pressure to build infrastructures that are responsive to the application workloads of the organization. Understanding what a workload is and what its characteristics are is critical to creating a responsive infrastructure that can satisfy the

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