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Why Windows File Server Archive ROIs are Broken

Windows file server archiving is the process of getting all the old data off of an organization’s Windows file servers and moving them to some less expensive form of storage. The concept has been around almost since there were Windows

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SlideShare: Capacity – Ransomware – Protection – Three Windows File Server Upgrades to Avoid

Most organizations are looking to improve their Windows file server environment by adding capacity, developing a ransomware strategy and improving overall data protection. For most enterprises, optimizing your Windows file server means buying a new, bigger server with more capacity

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How Does FileFly Make Windows Data Management Better?

Organizations today deal with daunting storage challenges. To handle the ever-increasing deluge of data, they need the ability to scale-out storage to handle multiple terabytes and millions of files. They also face the need to upgrade their Windows File Servers

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ChalkTalk Video: How Can Object Storage Solve The Ransomware Problem?

Ransomware is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations, regardless of size. It breaks backup because the data you are most likely to pay to un-encrypt is the data that your organization has been changing since the last backup occurred.

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Are We Using Windows File Servers for the Wrong Reason?

Windows file servers are primarily used to store unstructured data. The type of unstructured data varies from user-created documents to machine-generated audio and video. They even store analytics data machines and other servers generate. While the type of data a

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