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SlideShare: Does Object Storage Make Sense for Backups?

Everyone understands disk has become the primary target for backups in the last several years. It’s also safe to say that the main type of disk storage used as a target for backups would be a purpose-built backup appliance that

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StorageShort: Will Machine Data Kill Backup?

One of the hardest things to protect is a server with millions of files on it. In the early days of my career, we specifically asked customers if they had such a server so we could develop special procedures to

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What’s Your Biggest Backup Hardware Challenge?

The euphoria over disk backup appliances seams to be fading. It used to be that IT professionals were so happy to replace or augment tape that they didn’t look very deep into what the disk appliance was actually doing for

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The Efficiency Challenges facing Deduplication Appliances

Disk is the initial and in many cases the only backup storage device most data centers use today. Once that backup is completed the data is then replicated to another disk backup appliance or to the cloud. The success of

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Webinar: Four Reasons Why Your Backup Hardware Will Break by 2020

While backup software vendors continue to innovate, hardware vendors have been resting on their deduplication laurels. In the meantime, the amount of data that organizations store continues to grow at an alarming pace and the backup and recovery expectations of

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StorageShort: Does Object Storage Make Sense for Backups?

One might wonder why anyone would use object storage now that we have so many deduplication storage arrays available. We tackle that question head on in this Storage Switzerland webinar. Here’s a quick peek at that discussion.

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The Cloud just got cheaper – again

A few weeks ago we did a webinar about whether it makes sense to use the cloud to store backups. Every time somebody at Storage Switzerland says something positive about storing things in the cloud, we can always count on

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