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The Problem with NFS to Object Storage Gateways

NFS compatibility is considered table stakes for object storage products in today’s market. How and why did this happen? Network Attached Storage (NAS) and the NFS protocol have been and is the architecture of choice for unstructured data. Despite all

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NAS vs. Object: Beating Bit Rot – Examining Data Durability

IT considers data durable if it survives anything that might happen to it because of how the user stores it. Typical data protection systems (e.g. backup, snapshots, replication) protect data from component, media, site, and human failure – or at

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NAS vs. Object: The Dollar Per GB Challenge

Spending top dollar to store older fixed content on the typical network attached storage system (NAS) filer is more than just a waste of money — it’s actually spending more to get less. Using an object-based storage system may be

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Increase performance, lower Storage costs in a single solution

In general, IT organizations have been conditioned to think that the only way to obtain higher storage performance and to gain additional storage capacity is to periodically upgrade their storage infrastructure. While storage system upgrades can provide a boost in

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Hybrid Cloud Now – Practical Strategies For Integrating Primary Storage with Cloud Storage

In the traditional data center, leveraging the cloud for anything more than backup seems like a futuristic pipe dream. While some data centers may be using a cloud service for backups and potentially disaster recovery, the thought of using the

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