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Your Data, Anywhere – NAS for Amazon S3 and Glacier – Avere Announces Amazon Integrated Cloud NAS at re:Invent

One of the challenges facing IT planners is where to start with services like Amazon’s AWS.  The logical first step is as a data repository to reduce the amount of on-premise data that needs to be stored and managed. The

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CloudBeam Empowers Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytics – Attunity’s CloudBeam Briefing Note

Amazon S3 and Glacier can be used for a variety of use cases including disaster recovery copies, archive or content distribution. But what is most interesting is using Amazon Web Services like Redshift, to replace data warehouses with a more

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Global Data Access With A Global NAS – Panzura Amazon re:Invent Briefing Note

One of the challenges facing global companies is gaining access to the same data at the same time so that projects can be collaborated on in real-time. These organizations need local high performance access to data but need to make

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Scale-Out NAS or Object Storage?

Unstructured data is becoming a big headache for many organizations. By some estimates, this type of data (user files, emails, PDFs, images, videos, etc.) now accounts for up to 90% of all new data growth. While most of this information quickly

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EMC’s ViPR Unleashed

Shipping one Exabyte of storage was a milestone that took EMC ten years to reach. Amazingly, in 2013, EMC was able to reach that same heady number in just one month’s worth of storage shipments. Clearly, business is good at

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Is DR Assurance Missing from VMware Backup?

A lot has been going on with PHD Virtual, a company that, despite having dramatic success, may not be well known in the virtualization backup space. To begin with, they just announced their 12th consecutive record quarter and a 40%

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