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Data Center Modernization Still Needs Shared Storage

Organizations are increasingly embracing technologies like OpenStack and Docker so IT can become more agile, as well as be able to adapt to user or customer demands rapidly and cost effectively. IT’s new found agility, though, requires equal flexibility from

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EMC World 2015 – OpenStack For Traditional Data Centers

One of the questions that we are getting more often than ever from IT professionals is “does it make sense for my organization to start to consider OpenStack?”. OpenStack is an open source effort that attempts to offer an Amazon

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Hadoop and OpenStack for Enterprise Big Data – Moving from Erector Set to Ready To Go

Big Data Analytics is more than just an interesting IT initiative, these infrastructures are starting to re-shape how businesses develop new products, respond to customer needs and achieve new levels of efficiency. The problem is that most Hadoop environments, the

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Briefing Note: Platform9 brings Amazon Class Automation to Traditional Data Centers

For many data centers the most appealing part of the public cloud is the automated provisioning. Users or application owners simply define the type and amount of compute and storage they need and the public cloud automatically provisions the exact

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OpenStack as a Virtual Machine Storage Platform

Recently we sat down with Wim Provost, Product Manager for Open vStorage, for a podcast to discuss their new solutions that better enable OpenStack to run virtual machines. OpenStack is a set of open source software tools, typically used by

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Can Evault Make Storage-as-a-Service Work?

We’ve all heard many times how data is growing, especially unstructured data, and how companies are faced with huge piles of files they may never need but can’t delete – legally or simply because the data owners won’t make those

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Scale-Out NAS or Object Storage?

Unstructured data is becoming a big headache for many organizations. By some estimates, this type of data (user files, emails, PDFs, images, videos, etc.) now accounts for up to 90% of all new data growth. While most of this information quickly

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