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Enterprise Class Open SDS – SUSE Enterprise Storage 5.5 Briefing Note

Software Defined Storage (SDS) promises to free organizations from storage hardware lock-in, and to some degree that is true. The problem is SDS then locks the customer into the storage software. Moving from one SDS solution to another is a

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Ceph: Roll Your Own or Turnkey?

Ceph offers an open source storage alternative to those who need object, block, and file services. Initially developed at UC Santa Cruz and funded by a number of government agencies, Ceph has grown into a very interesting solution for a

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Open Software Defined Storage needs Data Reduction

Software defined storage (SDS) promises to abstract storage services from storage hardware, freeing organizations from the “lock” of having to use specific storage hardware. But the price for this “freedom” is imprisonment to a single storage software vendor. While certainly

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Briefing Note – SUSE Enterprise SDS Version 3

This past January, Storage Switzerland provided its analysis of SUSE Enterprise Storage 2, a hardened version of Ceph designed to address enterprise concerns over the open software defined storage solution. That release saw SUSE add capabilities like heterogeneous OS access

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Product Analysis: Open Software Defined Storage – Ceph or Gluster?

Software defined storage (SDS) is a key component of the IT transformation process. Data centers can leverage SDS to decrease costs while improving agility. But IT planners need to decide if they will use an open or proprietary SDS solution.

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EMC World 2015 – OpenStack For Traditional Data Centers

One of the questions that we are getting more often than ever from IT professionals is “does it make sense for my organization to start to consider OpenStack?”. OpenStack is an open source effort that attempts to offer an Amazon

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Storage Q&A: How to run Virtual Machines on your OpenStack Infrastructure

Open vStorage has a new product that will allow you to run virtual machines right on your OpenStack Infrastructure. Storage Crump Founder and Lead Analyst George Crump and Open vStorage Product Manager Wim Provoost sat down with me in the

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