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PHD Virtual Brings Public Cloud Connectivity to Virtual Server Backup

Cloud backup used to be largely a consumer application, designed to handle relatively small data sets. But now with technologies like deduplication, compression and changed block tracking, which reduce the amount of data that actually ‘walks the wire’ up to

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Cloud Backup Requires Intelligent Recovery

Using the cloud as a destination for backups has evolved from a consumer solution into a viable option for many small businesses and larger enterprises. Today production applications and even entire virtualized environments are leveraging the cloud to augment their

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Is DR Assurance Missing from VMware Backup?

A lot has been going on with PHD Virtual, a company that, despite having dramatic success, may not be well known in the virtualization backup space. To begin with, they just announced their 12th consecutive record quarter and a 40%

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PHD Virtual Enables Low Cost, Multi-hypervisor Backups

Whether you’re just wrapping up your initial virtual server rollout or looking to shore up the data protection process, selecting the right backup solution for virtual environments can be a challenge. To address this, most IT managers have given up

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