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Backup Software Needs to Provide Freedom of Choice – Nakivo Backup and Replication 7.5

Backup software used to be a conduit through which data moved from primary storage to some form of protected storage. Today though, backup software vendors are increasingly forcing customers down a pre-selected path. Vendors are now bundling their solutions with

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How to Protect the Entire Hybrid Cloud – Druva Briefing Note

Most organizations use the cloud in a hybrid manner. Some applications and workloads remain on-premises, while some are transitory between on-premises and the cloud, and still others are cloud only. The distributed IT model puts a new strain on the

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What is Next in Backup and Recovery? – NAKIVO Briefing Note

Data protection has changed. Most data centers are heavily virtualized, and are using more than just VMware as their hypervisor. Organizations are also well down the path of moving workloads to the cloud, most notably into Amazon EC2. Expectations of

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Disaster Recovery Planning – How to Get from Good To Great

A “great” DR plan is one that addresses one of the biggest concerns that organizations have over the disaster recovery process. “Will it work?” Getting a copy of data to the cloud is the beginning of a great DR plan

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Disaster Recovery Planning Getting From Bad to Good

Disaster Recovery, at its most basic, is making a copy of data and securing that copy off-site. Unfortunately, it is details like how long can the organization afford to be without the application and how much data can the organization

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It is Time to Get Serious About Your Cloud Strategy – Zerto Briefing Note

Most organizations, if they are using cloud resources at all, are only using the cloud for a single purpose. The two most common use cases are backup storage and archive storage. Most organizations also look at the cloud as a

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How do MSPs Stay Relevant in the Cloud Era? – Datto Briefing Note

The SaaS backup market went from almost non-existent to very crowded in a few short years. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) quickly tried to reposition themselves from selling on-premises solutions to the cloud-based solutions their customers were demanding. Several companies emerged

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