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A File System in the Cloud vs. A Cloud File System

There are two types of cloud based file systems. One is designed to extend cloud storage into the organization. The other is designed to allow organizations to run applications in the cloud but use more traditional file protocols like NFS

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Importance of Maintaining Proper Security and Control of Data in DRaaS Environments

As my colleague George Crump discussed in his article on disaster recovery as a service, “Introducing DRaaS 2.0”, there are a number of compelling advantages in using DRaaS solutions. However, regardless of the cost savings and other advantages when organizations

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Cloud Compute Needs Enterprise Storage – Nimble Briefing Note

Cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Azure all provide both compute and storage services. Compute is used to host applications and storage is used to store data. The cloud is tailor made for providing compute because applications that are multi-threaded

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StorPool – A Toolkit for Cloud Application Providers

StorPool is a software defined storage solution targeted at cloud application and infrastructure providers. The software runs on a cluster of commodity servers, aggregating the internal storage of those servers into a shared volume. The solution, for now, is only

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Global Data Access With A Global NAS – Panzura Amazon re:Invent Briefing Note

One of the challenges facing global companies is gaining access to the same data at the same time so that projects can be collaborated on in real-time. These organizations need local high performance access to data but need to make

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