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Is It Safe to Preserve Data in The Cloud

We are living in the information age, and modern companies rely on their data more than any other time in history. Many companies are leveraging the cloud for preserving this vast ocean of data, but some companies are concerned about

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The Role of Tape in Today’s Data Center

The use of tape has certainly declined in today’s data center, but it has not disappeared – much to the chagrin of some people who are self-professed “tape haters”. They simply don’t understand why anyone would use tape in a

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Maintaining Data Monetization Value over Time

It’s a fact that data stored on magnetic media degrades over time. It cannot be stopped; it can only be managed. It’s a problem that you must address if you plan to create a data monetization system that stores data

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NAS vs. Object: Beating Bit Rot – Examining Data Durability

IT considers data durable if it survives anything that might happen to it because of how the user stores it. Typical data protection systems (e.g. backup, snapshots, replication) protect data from component, media, site, and human failure – or at

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